Spring is in the Air!


Coming out of a long winter season can leave us feeling gloomy and unmotivated.

This is why I began thinking about the coming of spring when the new year arrived.

Changing  surroundings to keep time with the seasons and holidays is a good way to keep us looking forward.

Bunny decorations

I made tons of spring birds and flowers and hung them on potted branches throughout the salon. Can you believe, I made the birds from brown grocery bags and the flowers from hand-wipes we use in our powder room?Instant transformation! I love using materials which are available at a moment’s notice.

What’s my reward for all the hard work? Watching the instant mood change in our customers’ faces as they walk in our door. “Oh, spring will be here soon!” I replied, “It’s already here at Studio 904!”


Imagine how happy it would make your family, friends and co-workers if you provide them with kind acts of thoughtfulness and little surprises to brighten their day!

Branch decoration



You have an amazing gift for brightening a room no matter where you are (with or without decorations)!


Thank you for your kind words Liz!