Steps to Take After a Setback in Your Life

Have you experienced a set back which had a dramatic effect on your life? I mean it just knocked you off your feet in a split second? You may have asked yourself, why me? I’m sure you have because that is the human tendency.

This is me after my accident
This is me after my accident

Here’s my story of a devastating accident I had a few months ago and what I did to get out of the funk. I hope me sharing this will help you to deal with your set backs. I took my dog Max for a leisurely walk one evening. I saw a man, a little girl and their dog walking towards us. I quickly placed Max in a sit position, waiting for them to pass by. I saw that their dog was excited, jumping, pulling and running in circles. I called out to them, “Keep your dog in tact!”. Before I could finish my sentence, the dog broke leash and came running toward us.

This is the dog who came running, causing me to fall.
This is the dog who came running, causing me to fall.

I started to run with Max to get away from the scene. The dog kept coming after us, he ran circles around my legs, causing me to fall right on my face. Can you believe? The man and his little girl walked away, leaving me badly hurt on the ground. A neighbor man came out and saw me. He immediately called 911 and I was taken to emergency.

It’s been three months now and I’m still not back at work. It’s been a painful process plus I have an expensive dental restoration process to go through which will cost me more money than I’ve imagined. It can be a devastating accident like what happened to me or something else which can happen in a split second as you live your life. No matter what the reason, recovering from an unexpected event can take you through all kinds of ups and downs. This is how I handled it to maintain a healthy attitude and you can do it too.

  • I accepted what happened to me and decided I should be grateful it was not worse than it was. This is where I began counting my blessings. I’m sure you will be able to come up with tons of things you are grateful for.
  • I decided that I would not blame myself or the other party who caused this accident. What good will blaming do? It is what it is, so just deal with it.
  • I made good use of the downtime. I signed up for an on-line writing course and improved my writing skills. Do you have something you’ve been wanting to learn but never had the time? This is the time to do it.
  • I did an hour or two of art projects daily. You can do something creative – try new recipes, organize your drawers etc. Everything is art, that’s how I see it.
  • I enjoyed spending time with family and friends. It’s catch-up time so connect with people. They understand you are going through a tough time and will be happy to spend time with you.
  • An incident like this can help you to have mental relaxation time so you can prepare yourself to get back in the game better than how you left it. What do you think?



Ms. Kay you continually amaze me. Not only through your blog but, watching you live your life. I know you have had your share of an unfair hand dealt to you and yet you continually strive to be positive, upbeat and always turn misfortunes into blessings. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I always try to find the gifts when the rug gets pulled out from underneath me but, wish I could do it as swiftly as you and w/ your grace. Looking forward to seeing you…


Carrie, thank you for stopping by my blog site. I am happy if my sharing gets read and someone has a better day because of it. It’s always good to get new a new prospective in life. Listening to your own programmed thoughts can sometimes lead you into a downward spiral. You are an amazing person yourself. I learn a lot from you too. An old soul in a young body.


Dee, what a beautiful story of Jennifer Bricker, “Never say you can’t.”
I will post this on Studio 904’s Facebook so more people can become inspired by Jennifer’s story. Thank you for passing this great attitude to us.


It’s a relief to find somonee who can explain things so well

Sherry McNary

Hi Kay,
Yes, I would say I like your blog, you already got me thinking I am coming out of a funk myself (more slowly then I might want) I had a few ideas to help, now I have a few more to follow through with.
Thank you as always,


Hi Sherry,
Glad to hear that you are coming out of a funk too. Did you get my invitation for you as a guest at Lifespan’s Annual Brunch at Saltys Sept. 13th? Please contact me.

Kevin N

Great advice about being positive and focusing on the things you can control versus dwelling on the past.

KH For The Win!


Yes Kevin, living one day at a time enjoying it to its fullest is the key to having a happy day.
No use thinking about the past or the future.

Penny Fukui

Kay…..Captivating blog! Your tenacity and sense of purpose is an example for all of us to follow….. not easy as you have set the bar high, but you have given us a roadmap to use when we experience uneasiness and a need for direction.

Needless to say… Your adorable artwork complements and completes your story.



Hi Penny, I had fun drawing the girl who looks beat up.
How is your day going?