The Power of Small Steps

Wow, I’m still coming down from the Kaizen-Ikigai Seven Day Journey that we just finished on Sunday. The lessons were presented in small bite sized videos plus doodling and writing. I was so pleased to meet people from across the continent as well as throught United States. I received many positive feedback from the people who traveled the Seven Day Journey with me. Here’s one from Alice that surprised me but made me happy.

“I never thought washing dishes, cleaning the house and other mundane tasks would be anything more than I wanted to get over them quickly so I can do other things. Learning about the Ikigai philosophy, I now perform those tasks while really enjoying the moment. Just imagine, getting joy out of how sparkly and smooth my dishes look after I wash them with care and love. I say to myself, enjoy this because this moment will pass quickly and never return again”.

On our seventh day, we got together on Zoom and had fun talking, drawing, cutting in a very safe environment. Everyone made a vision board that was very personal to each. I was amazed at the creativity and the affirmations that were placed on each of the vision boards! Here is the one I made as an example. I’d like to show what others made, but decided not to because vision boards are very personal to each one.

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