What Do a Homeless Donkey and a Hair Salon Have in Common?

Just who is Babs and how did we arrive at this place?

People are often astonished when they hear the news. They often exclaim, “Studio 904 Hair Salon has adopted a pet donkey named Babs? What’s up with that?

Just who was Babs and how did we arrive at this place?

Babs, who was an abused and disabled donkey who lived in her forever safe home at Pasado’s Safe Haven, an animal sanctuary located in Snohomish County, Washington. When she was rescued by Pasado’s, Babs had been used for lasso practice; people would ride around in four-wheel vehicles and practice lassoing her. After examining her, the staff discovered that she was badly debilitated, blind, and suffering from Cushings disease, an illness that affects the pituitary gland. In addition, she suffered from laminitis, a severe, debilitating ailment that affects the hooves and is sometimes fatal. Through it all, she still managed to steal the hearts of everyone who was lucky enough to meet her and used the classic donkey stubbornness to hold her own against the other strong-willed animals she came into contact with. When the salon adopted Babs, the process was extremely simple. We agreed to donate $35.00 each month to supplement her strict daily regimen of food and health care.  Everything else was taken care of by Pasado’s.

Babs passed on. Before long, two rescued Donkeys, Ole and Jacque arrived at Pasados and we decided to commit to their care.

Watch the video we took at one of our visits to Pasado’s Safe Haven to visit Ole and Jacque.

Linda with donkeys at Pasados Safe Haven
Studio 904 visits Pasados Safe Haven

We are committed to continuing fundraising for Pasado’s Safe Haven and their rescue program. I urge you to come on board and join us in this fun holiday workshop for kids and adults. Saturday, Dec. 5 at 11:00 AM PT.

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