Where Does Creativity Come From?

I’ve been busy building my new membership site, The Art of Giving Community. People often tell me, I don’t think I’m the right one to join your community because I’m not creative. I have no imagination for using colors in an attractive way or draw anything, even if they are very simple.

My answer is, “We are all creative. Only people who are not creative are the ones who don’t practice it”.

I made a video for you about my creative journey.

Today I create little treasures of art using watercolors, markers, crayons, and a bin full of colorful paper scraps that makes me happy.

Sounds like fun? Gather up some scraps, a watercolor set, some inspiring words, and give it a try.

You are a fit for the Artful Giving Community if you want to:

😀 Stop procrastinating and commit to simple art practice daily.

🤤Uncover the magic of simplicity and beauty in everything you do in life.

🤤Get help with discovering and unleashing the creativity that lays within you.

🤤Make a deeper connection with people who are important to you.

😋Empower yourself to have a happy day, every day.

😋Find more purpose in your life, we’ll show you how!

Where and how to register? Coming Monday!

“Creativity is a natural extension of your enthusiasm”. -Earl Nightingale-