Why It’s Smarter to go with Imperfection

Are you like me?
Do you take pride in being perfect?

So let me ask you, does being perfect mean you do all the work on any given project by yourself? After all, if you ask someone else to take over, you might lose control, right?

I don’t know why human beings are that way. Always wanting to be in full control, whether it’s in decision-making or rolling out a full project.


I have a little confession to share with you. Every year around this time, I take part in the Seattle Buddhist Church’s “Kid’s Summer Program”. This is where kids from first grade – sixth grade gather for one week to learn various aspects of the Japanese culture.

It’s a great program. During this week, I can see that kids’ self-esteems are high, and I always wish every child could have the opportunity to participate in this great program.

My job is to teach the third grade children paper crafting. 

This year, I decided to teach the students how to make a Kokeshi doll, mini bulletin board with inspirational sayings.

Here is the samples I made
Here is the samples I made

I made a sample set of mini-bulletins, one for girls (with girl Kokeshis) and one for boys (with boy Kokeshis).

I looked at this masterpiece and said to myself, “This came out perfect. But how will I get the kids to replicate this design?”

I dreaded the thought of kids smearing all over the doll’s face with messy paints, and have the doll faces end up looking like Halloween Kokeshis.

I pondered, “Should I burn the midnight oil again, and draw all the faces myself?”

This is what one student made!
This is what one student made!

Here’s the end to this story. I let the kids draw their own faces and they came out as cute as they could be! Each doll came out with such a different personality.

But most inspiring to me was that kids were so happy and proud of themselves with what they’ve made.

I hope you will remember this story when your urge for perfection peaks its ugly head.

Don't they look happy?
Don’t they look happy?

Instead of going solo, allow others to show their talents by participating.  You will save a ton of time and will be able to have a far-reaching effect, plus it makes everyone happy! 

Let me know if you strive for perfection and what you you’ve done about it.