Work on it, Everyday

I want to share a story with you. Many years ago, I met a woman at a business conference. She was beautiful, well-poised, and radiated a look of health. She approached me and began conversing with me about women in businesses. It was difficult for me to concentrate on our conversation. I finally got my nerve up and asked her, “You are a gorgeous woman, what is your secret to looking so good?” She answered with a smile on her face, “I work on it … every day”. Today, I still remember her powerful words, WORK ON IT, EVERY DAY.

Today, as I teach the art of creativity to students, they often ask, “You can create wonderful art projects so fast and easily, is it because you have natural talent? I wish I had talent so I can do it too.” I reply, “I’m a self-taught artist. I got to this point because I taught myself step-by-step and worked on it every day. You can do it too, I can show you.”

I worked myself up to a point where I can watercolor a flower/foliage card in less than 15 minutes. Watch my video to see how this is done.

Fifteen Minute Card-Making

It’s not too late to sign up for my up-coming watercolor workshop, Summer Garden Flower Party. MoMo (My rescue dog from Korea) and I are excited to offer this workshop where 100% of your $40 registration fee will be donated to Ginger’s Pet Rescue. Our donation will be used to free another dog from Korea’s Dog Meat Trade.

Register here.

Please register here.

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