Yumi’s Life Lessons

How to empower yourself and turn everyday into a happy day!

Yumi's Life Lessons
My book, Yumi’s Life Lessons. Ten percent of each sale was donated to Pasado’s Safe Haven which amounted to $3,500!

It’s been five years since this book was written and self-published by me. The story of this book is about my sweet white Terrier named Yumi and the lessons she taught me about life. She truly taught me that every day is precious and I must live each day being happy.

Yumi in agility class
Yumi in agility class.





Some of Yumi’s Life Lessons:

  • Get along with people in a more loving way
  • Chase life by reinventing yourself daily
  • Add joy to life by creating your own sunshine
  • Appreciate everyone and everything deeply
  • Create a change within you
  • Never stop learning….
Yumi's Collar


Even though my wise and lovable Yumi passed away several years ago, I still try to live each day remembering the many lessons she taught me.







* My book is currently sold out but I am planning to reprint a new edition soon!


Caryl Turner

Hi Kay,

We are Tamara Turner’s brother and sister-in-law and you have so kindly included us in the back of your book Yumi’s Life Lessons. We love the book so much I have one to give to my friend for her birthday. I ordered it through Amazon several weeks ago as there was one shown available on line. Amazon just notified me they had not heard from CMP who is handling the order and I contacted them as well but they will not respond to my request. Is there any other way for me to acquire a copy of this delightful little book?


Hi Caryl,
So sorry for what has happened with your order. It’s been all taken care of. You should have received the one order and another book you ordered was sent out as well. You should be receiving it tomorrow. Again, my deepest apologies for the inconvenience and the confusion.